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Leather Goods Integrated Action

Innovative Training for the Leather Goods sector across Europe

Leather Goods is a traditional sector, belonging to the fashion array, that covers the manufacturing of a wide range of items such as all kinds of handbags, luggage and other travel goods, small items such as wallets, belts, watch straps, etc.


  • Companies in leather goods sector;
  • New talent designers;
  • Single entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and leather goods;
  • Trainers / coaches.

Impact expected

  • Strengthening of the high-end leather goods production across Europe;
  • The enhancement of employability of fashion designers, single entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and leather goods;
  • Emergence of a new generation of trainers/coaches in advanced learning methodologies;
  • The leverage of the level of employment in the sector;
  • High level of cooperation among entities across Europe in Leather Goods and VET.



The project envisages to design, develop and pilot a new profile and training opportunities in ICT and work-based learning combined with trainers/learners mobility actions, in line with the actual needs of the companies and mainstream it at European and National level, boosting the sector workforce upskill, promoting the entrepreneurship of new talent designers and the development of a new generation of high-skilled leather goods manufacturers, oriented to high-end products to strengthen the high-end leather goods manufacturing across Europe.


The outputs foreseen are the following:

A new profile and training,
A package of pedagogical material delivered through advanced learning technologies with augmented reality embedded and immersive tutorials,
A package dedicated to the preparation of trainers, tutors and coaches which includes a manual and an exchanging training/learning activity,
Multiplier events (workshops , seminars) in each country involved, in parallel with promotion material and a project website, all results in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Romanian.


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Lead Partner

Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal
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