Project stakeholders' follow-up

E-poll for stakeholders' feed-back.

Here you can find the updated feed-back from the stakeholders regarding the project and its outcomes - the score board is updated every time a new input is made.


Accomplishment of the Expectations (%)

How closely are the outcomes linked to the expectations created by the project communication so far? Do they match the expectations? To what extent?

Utility (%)

How is the value of the outcomes perceived by the organizations and target-group? how useful are they to the target-group?

Transferability (%)

Potential of transference of the outcomes by other organizations and professionals outside the partnership

Empowerment (%)

To what extent were the organizations and users of the project outcomes involved in their design and development?

Enhancement of knowledge on Leather Goods Design and Manufacturing (%)

Do the project and its outcomes sufficiently contribute to developing knowledge and skills on Leather goods design and manufacturing?

Accessibility / User-friendly (%)

Proximity and familiarity of the target-group with the contents and means of using the outcomes.

Suitability (%)

Do the project and its outcomes respond to the training needs of the target group?

Innovation (%)

Do the project and its outcomes incorporate new and distinctive features?


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You are invited to add your personal comments at the end.